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Friday October 17, 2003  Winnipeg SUN

Rob Soloway, owner of the new Twist Cafe on Graham Avenue, displays muffin tops, one of his specialty items.

Business Reporter

It’s something out of a Seinfeld episode. A new downtown eatery is serving muffin tops to its customers the way Elaine proposed in Season 8 of the popular television comedy.

“It’s totally Seinfeld-inspired,” Twist Cafe proprietor Rob Soloway said with a laugh.

In the show, Newman had to be brought in to dispose of the muffin stumps. That’s no problem for Soloway who found special pans that bake only the tops.

The specialty pastry joins other baked goods, fancy coffees and sandwiches — with in-house roasted turkey and beef on Gunn’s Bakery bread — on the menu.

The cafe at Graham Avenue and Edmonton Street opened in May in a former physiotherapist’s office. It also has a patio.

“They’re welcome in the neighbourhood,” said Downtown Business Improvement Zone spokesman Rick Joyal. “I haven’t eaten there myself but I’ve been hearing good things about it.”

Soloway, who spent years in the optical business, wanted to open a restaurant with a special twist. He says he’s always pushing his distributors to find new things.

“I’m known as the special-order guy,” he said. As an independent operator, Soloway said he can change constantly in response to suggestions and ideas from staff and diners. A customer recently introduced him to organic teas and imported drink syrups, he added.