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Regular Beverage = 12 oz.
Large Beverage = 16 oz.
Prices subject to PST and GST. All prices subject to change without notice.

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Today's Specials

February 26, 2016

Lunch Special
Hot beef brisket sandwich
on rye bread with dijon horseradish mayo
and red onion
$7.95 +tax
Daily Special
California Sandwich
Roasted chicken, bacon, guacamole,
carmeralized apple on honey mustard mayo,
lettuce, tomato on toasted ciabatta bun
$7.00 + tax

Summer Rolls with peanut soy sauce on the side
Veggie         $ 4.95 +tax
BBQ Pork     $ 5.95 +tax
Chicken       $ 5.95 +tax

Fruit parfait   $ 2.50 +tax
Sticky Buns $3.00 +tax
Butter Croissants $2.40 +tax

What's The Soup?

February 26, 2016

Regular Large
Soup Of The Day
Med  Bean and pasta
Gnocchi, corn and spinach
Chili Of The Day
Add Soup To Sandwich 3.19 4.19


Vegetarian Sandwich
humus or tzatziki, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion, sprouts on multigrain
Roast Turkey Sandwich
roast turkey, lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber, sprouts, mozzarella cheese, cranberry mayo on multigrain
Roast Beef Sandwich
AAA angus beef, lettuce, onion, mozzarella cheese,
dijon mayo on multigrain
Egg Salad Sandwich
egg salad, lettuce on egg bread
Tuna Salad Sandwich
solid white tuna, lettuce, tomato on marble rye

Salmon Sandwich
wild sockeye salmon, lettuce, tomato on marble rye

Salami Sandwich
salami, tomato, onion, aioli garlic mustard on marble rye


Sesame Chicken Wrap
roast chicken, spinach, onion, red pepper, cucumber, tzatziki, sesame sauce in whole wheat wrap


Pesto Chicken Wrap
roast chicken, lettuce, tomato, onion, feta, pesto mayo on a roma tomato wrap


Chicken Salad Sandwich
dijon chicken salad, lettuce on multigrain


Pork Loin Sandwich
roast pork loin, lettuce, tomato, onion, smoked gouda, apple sauce, dijon mayo on a lightly toasted onion bagel


Meat Loaf Sandwich
meat loaf, lettuce, tomato, onion, aioli garlic mustard on marble rye


Focaccia Sandwich
cappicola, roast turkey, lettuce, tomato, onion, smoked gouda, roasted red pepper, sundried tomato aioli on rosemary focaccia


Ham Sandwich
black forest ham, lettuce, tomato, provolone cheese, dijon mayo on multigrain


Hot Dog
grilled with mustard, relish, onion, tomato, dill pickle, and hot pepper

... or customize your own!
Whole Pickle 1.50
Regular Large
Add Soup To Sandwich 3.19 4.19


Kinda Greek Salad
romaine lettuce, tomato, red onion, cucumber, black olives tossed in a kinda Greek dressing

Tossed  Salad
romaine lettuce, tomato, red onion, cucumber, croutons tossed in our own balsamic vinnegrette

Caesar  Salad
romaine lettuce, creamy dressing, croutons, topped with  asiago cheese

Add chicken 3.00

Breakfast / Bagels And Toast

Breakfast Sandwich 
baked egg, peameal bacon, tomato, cheese on a english muffin
plain, whole wheat, cranberry, cinnamon raisin
Bagel with Cream Cheese
Cinnamon Bread
Multigrain Bread
Egg Bread
Marble Rye Bread
egg, spinach, tomato, green onion, cheddar & Jack cheese served with slice of toast

Brewed Coffee And Tea

Hot Chocolate
steamed milk, chocolate, whip cream
London Fog
Earl Grey tea, vanilla,  hot water, steamed milk


espresso,steamed milk, foam
Latte Caffe
espresso, steamed milk
Vanilla Latte
espresso, vanilla, steamed milk, whip cream
Mocha Latte
espresso,chocolate, steamed milk, whip cream
Caramel Latte
espresso, caramel, steamed milk, whip cream
espresso, hot water
Espresso Macchiato
espresso, foam
Espresso Con Panna
espresso, whip cream
Add Flavour Shot For .50  Made With Soy .50    

Iced Espresso

Regular Large
Iced Caffe Latte
espresso, milk over ice
2.75 3.35
Iced Vanilla Latte
espresso, vanilla, milk, over ice with whip cream
3.20 3.80
Iced Mocha Latte
espresso, chocolate, milk over ice with whip cream
3.20 3.80
Iced Caramel Latte
espresso, caramel, milk over ice with whip cream
3.20 3.80
Add Flavour Shot For .50  Made With Soy .50


Regular Large
Extreme Berry
strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, blackberry
Morning Glory
raspberry, blueberry, banana
Mango Madness
mango, banana, peach
Peach Plus
peach, raspberry, banana
pineapple, blueberry, mango
Swirl In Yogurt For .45

And More

Regular Large
Chai Latte
chai tea, steamed milk, foam
Iced Chai Latte
chai tea, milk over ice
flavour shot, steamed milk, foam
flavour shot, milk over ice
Italian Soda
flavour shot, soda water over ice
Apple Cider
spiced & brewed our way
Green Tea Latte
green tea matcha, special steamed milk blend

From the Cooler

Apple Juice
Orange Juice
Mango Juice
Snapple Lemon Tea
San Pellegrino
Limonata, Aranciata, Aranciata Rossa 
Bottled Water
Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Ginger Ale
7up, Diet 7up, Dr Pepper, Diet Dr Pepper

Baked Goods

chocolate chip 1.90
ginger 1.90
oatmeal raisin 1.90
peanut butter 1.90
imperial 2.65
chocolate macadamia nut 1.00
banana chocolate chip 2.15
blueberry 2.15
cranberry 2.15
lemon poppy seed 2.15
raisin bran 2.15
blueberry 2.25
cheese 2.25
carrot cake 2.50
deep dutch brownie 2.50
Oh Henry! 3.25
raspberry cream cheese brownie 3.25
silk chocolate truffle 2.50
peanut butter marshmallow 3.00
puffed wheat 2.25
rice krispie 2.25
Apple Jacks
Granola Bars
Pecan Tart
Raspberry Cream Cheese Danish
Rootin' Tootin'
Gluten & Nut Free Chocolate Chip Cookie